Autain Pêche, the professional of fishing since 1954

Discover Autain Pêche through its history.

Jacques AUTAIN has created the company in Niort in 1954.

The company opens in 1959 a fishing tackle retail shop in the main shopping street of Niort and extends its products to other leisure fishing tackle.

In 1962 Mr. AUTAIN becomes a fishing tackle wholesaler.

In 1968 Mr. AUTAIN builds a building of 400 m² in Niort and manufactures also more fishing products.

In 1990, Autain develops to sell throughout whole France and exports also to neighboring countries of the hexagon. It’s also the beginning of import from South-East Asia and Korea.

In 1996 Mr. AUTAIN sold his company to the CHAMPALOU family. At that time the full-time equivalent staff was 17 people including 2 exclusive and 6 multicard representatives.

In 2002 Mr CHAMPALOU buys the factory SUISSEX (famous SUISSEX Spinners) with 3 workers.

In 2003, SIMA Company for the leads CATHERINE (and other products for sea & predator fishing) also belongs to Mr. CHAMPALOU.

In 2006, AUTAIN company signed with German company BALZER a contract of exclusive distribution for France.

In 2010, AUTAIN company also distributes MUSTAD hooks, CRONY rods & American lures ZMAN in France.

In 2011, we also have exclusive distribution of X21 LA SIRENE baits & PANTHER MARTIN spoons for France.

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